About CL


Circle Leadership is a worldwide  organization specialized in LEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS and BUSINESS & LIFE COACHING.

Our story began in 2014 when the two founders, Mr. Alessandro Parrinello and Mr. Ashok Narayanan, met in a business meeting in the EAU starting their friendship and collaboration. Really soon the long pleasant conversations (dozens!) about the “Real Meaning of Life” and the connections between Eastern and Western cultures have merged into the Circle Leadership’s discipline.

A new concept of Human, Success, career, family, Leadership Solutions plus an evolutionary merge between Easter and Western cultures have been the basis for lots workshops and continuous research activities in the newest fields of neuroscience and emotional intelligence. Moreover some publications reached the general market among which the book “Circle Leadership – Rule Your World!” published in 2018.

Now Circle Leadership is focused in enlarging its worldwide actions, its collaboration with Valuable Associates (please refer following for more details), to enlarge its research activities and to bring all these new concepts and approaches into the real world with the aim to create a “New Leader” and “New Leadership” consciousness.

About the founders we briefly report that Mr. Alessandro Parrinello and Mr. Ashok Narayanan jointly represent about 40 years of business, training and coaching professional experiences realized  all over the world.

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