Associates & Thought Leaders

Circle Leadership collaborates with Valuable Associates from all over the world sharing the same core values, the widespread of Leadership, Coaching,  Wellness, Health and Success. The maximum care for our attendants and coachees is another key common point (click and discover more).

Mattia Franzelli

Power Stones


Sport Tools Developer & Sport Trainer


Sport, the center of our actions! “Develop Yourself!” is our mantra! Sport is the KEY ELEMENT of life! Always present, no matter if you are in a good or bad period of your life. Your Sport is You! If you agree with us, now IT IS TIME develop your sport tools, develop your sport trainings, develop yourself and overcome your limits! Remember: limits don’t exist when you are alone with your sport, your body, your mind and your inner self. Inside these elements you will find your resilience, your POWER and your next limit to overcome. Every day. Every training. Every race. Forever.
Join our new sport view inside a new evolutionary path. Improve skills required to be the best sportsman is our goal. From amateur sportsman to professional athlete, we offer on a worldwide scale the best mental, training and functional system for developing skills such as resilience, inner balance, coordination, agility, concentration, proprioception, reactivity, speed, strength and endurance. The newest, dynamic and engaging way for being You through your sport!

Hima Pravin

Meraqi Consulting


Life – Leadership & NLP Coach


Hima Pravin Founder/Life & NLP Coach of Meraqi Consulting, certified by John Mattone, World’s Top Coach as an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach & also ICF (International Coach Federation) certified.

She strongly believes that every human being has certain unique gifts and immense capability to achieve excellence in life. She works with people and organizations in their journey to learn, transform & lead.

She works extensively in leadership development, sales enablement, providing individual & group executive coaching for senior executives; facilitating executive development programs with clients like Siemens, Merck, Bosch, Halodoc, Vivo Mobiles, Rategain, VRS Foods, Reliance, Tata International etc. Her style of facilitation is highly powerful, engaging and thought provoking results with all coaching sessions.

“Transformational Leader: How to Motivate and Inspire Others to Greatness” is the newest Hima Pravin’s book available on

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Joyce Z. Wazirali

Unity Conscious Leadership ® 

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Founder and CEO | Author | Coach | International Speaker


Joyce Z. Wazirali is an expert with power packed 30+ years of experience with people performance, business growth and leadership transformation, globally in the field of Unity Conscious Leadership®  where she plays a key role as Founder and CEO of UCL® .

As an Author, Coach, Counsellor, Trainer, International Speaker and Entrepreneur, she instructs individuals and leaders across the globe on how they can change their environment and conquer personal and professional issues from the perspective of Unity Conscious Leadership®.

UCL®  along with Circle Leadership, is a new paradigm towards leadership and adapts new changes to overcome and transform crises and unlock potential, for personal, cultural and professional growth for gaining more health, happiness and peace.

Her upcoming book, Unity Conscious Leadership®, exploring the Outside In  Concept, is based on ‘The Coherence of Life’ ,’The Alchemy of Life’  and  ‘The Transformation’, giving a new complete spectrum for Human and Leadership upgrade, bridging  the knowledge of system dynamics, quantum theory and collective fields for building a high performance insight for the future.

Pragati Geraa

Pragati Geraa coaching and healing services 

Fremont, California, USA

Founder | Life Coach | Reiki & Theta Healing & Training 


Pragati is a Life coach, NLP practitioner, reiki and theta healer and have extensive experience in developing and managing sales team. Her knowledge and interest in spirituality and her rich corporate experience gives her a unique blend and an uncanny ability to transform lives both at personal as well as professional level. She has studied various healing modalities and has transformed many lives till date. Her approach is a unique blend of brain body science, energy healing and coaching. She believes that each of us is perfect in our own way and has the power to get what they want. She helps people get in touch with their true selves and bring out the best in them.

Bernice Mary Haestier

BH International Consulting 

Johannesburg, South Africa

Coaching, Learning and Development Specialist


Bernice works with organisations, individuals and teams by guiding them on their unique paths, testing and setting destinations, reimagining disruption and invigorating transformation to achieve sustainable success.

She is an internationally accredited coach, enneagram, training and development facilitator and speaker, with a track record in a listed multinational group. She developed a curiosity about humanity leading her to read and travel extensively, exploring many cultures, perspectives and insights in her quest to understand human systems.

Some of her fields of interest are strategy, leadership, innovation, change management, organisational and business development, cultures, ethics, values, systems, online and blended learning and the development and implementation learning and coaching models.

She looks forward to guiding you to keep on track, navigate and stretch towards achieving the visions and dreams of your unique human destination through thinking, learning and growing.

Anja Hampel

Annaco – Anja Hampel

Mittriedstrasse, Hard – Austria

Founder | NLP-Life Coach | Transformative Horse Leadership & Life Pattern Trainer


Anja Hampel, Leadership and Horses have offered a powerful roadmap for restoring a genuine state of live peace, self-authenticity and playfulness.

As a Founder and Coach for 19+ years, she has travelled around the world mentoring people about Transformative Horse Leadership – Life Pattern Trainings on behalf the workshops/concerts in English, Italian, French and German.

Horses make it clear to the individuals what is holding him/her back from living his/her potential and social prestige. That means how to learn self-management, change beliefs, perspectives, emotional intelligence and leadership in order to act from within with the foresight, empathy and clarity.

The wonderful thing about working with my Coaching Associates from different countries on Leadership, Life Patterns and Trauma Counseling along with Horses has given the insight and long-term connectivity that people feel deeply accepted, recognized and understood the simplicity of life and their successes.

Lalita Ramona Yagnik

Kalari Healing

Byron Bay, Australia

Director- Instructor | Kalari Practitioner | Yoga and Martial Arts Mentor and Naturopath


Lalita Ramona Yagnik is a Naturopath and Kalari Practitioner  using Kalari Ayurvedic Healing, Kalaripayattu martial arts and Kalari Yoga as modalities. She is passionate about health and well-being, using plants, food and natural medicines to support her healing practices on herself and others. Developing focus in the mind/body, while building a strong foundation through ancient physical pedagogies are integral to her practices.  She has lived/taught/performed in three continents, speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish and visits India every year to train with her Kalari teachers in Kerala.

Lalita employs Kalari in her personal life and endeavours to help her clients and students gain equilibrium and harmony in their lives. She sees Kalari as a multimodal healing system, and is a firm believer that using Kalari methods, one can synergize the body, mind and spirit.