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Mattia Franzelli

Power Stones


Sport Tools Developer & Sport Trainer


Sport, the center of our actions! “Develop Yourself!” is our mantra! Sport is the KEY ELEMENT of life! Always present, no matter if you are in a good or bad period of your life. Your Sport is You! If you agree with us, now IT IS TIME develop your sport tools, develop your sport trainings, develop yourself and overcome your limits! Remember: limits don’t exist when you are alone with your sport, your body, your mind and your inner self. Inside these elements you will find your resilience, your POWER and your next limit to overcome. Every day. Every training. Every race. Forever.
Join our new sport view inside a new evolutionary path. Improve skills required to be the best sportsman is our goal. From amateur sportsman to professional athlete, we offer on a worldwide scale the best mental, training and functional system for developing skills such as resilience, inner balance, coordination, agility, concentration, proprioception, reactivity, speed, strength and endurance. The newest, dynamic and engaging way for being You through your sport!

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