Alessandro Parrinello and Ashok Narayanan



Coach Trainer specialized in Emotional Intelligence
Intuitive Intelligence – Multiple Brains
Stress & Work Life Balance
applied to Organization, Professional,
Sport and Private

Alessandro Parrinello has more than 18 years of professional experience matured for over 15 years in the international consultancy and corporate world holding managerial and executive positions.

Today Alessandro is a Coach Trainer, a Corporate Trainer, a Meditation Instructor and founder of Your Living Coaching. His activities are based on a continuous activity of personal development, study and training based on Emotional Intelligence, Intuitive Intelligence, Multiple Brains and Stress Management.  Alessandro is specialized in Leadership, relationships, conflicts management and in the study of the characteristics of the modern world.

The PERSON IS AT THE CENTRE is his profound philosophy.

Pragmatic and the same time creative he is focused in driving companies, teams and people in their search of true Happiness, highest results and professional satisfaction as a basis for living a life full of meaning.



Int’l Life-Health-Leadership & Wellness Coach
Mentor-Ashtanga Yoga – EFT(Yogic)Expert
NLP Practitioner
Holistic Nutritionist-Counsellor

Ashok Narayanan has more than 17 years of a vast professional experience in various areas of training among which leadership development, performance management, talent transformation and strategic well-being and wellness management.

Ashok is the founder of Wuuwei. He creates a world-class experiences by sourcing knowledge from the Ancient Indian Vedic & Management world and tailoring it to suit regional and international standards and requirements.

His  advanced scientific and modern design is based on ‘Vedic/Yoga’ approach which is an unique blend of ‘Health Revolution &  Dynamics’ for  Corporate world to match the current working environments and life scenarios.

Ashok is analytic, creative, energetic and passionate in inspiring people the unique potential in Human Performance with a 4-dimensional view that impacts everyone at professional, personal, family and social structures for the right Life Balance.