Certified Circle Leadership Coach

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“Our courses are not courses.
WE Circle Leadership share, promote and widespread unforgettable evolutionary Life Experiences for supporting YOU to discover your REAL SELF. Simply call them EXPERIENCES.”

Training for Trainers. The sessions prepare trainers to activate Circle Leadership into their Workplace, Organizations, with Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Celebrities, Athletes inside their Professionals and Personal Spaces. As a Certified Coach, you can pave road maps where individuals end seeking for their true Leadership qualities.

Circle Leadership is the most unique taught leadership model in the world from the Author’s of “Circle Leadership – Take Action Now!”. It is based on a model that guides leaders to use the suitable “Leadership Life Style” in response to the needs of the individual and the circumstances. The collaborative learning design uses simple techniques that connects learners into an easy, fast, and effectively ways to adapt to the New Age Leadership Needs and Styles.



  • Unique Model of Circle Leadership – Definitions & Methodologies
  • How People Learn New Ideas and Skills
  • How People Forget Past and Adapt New Ideas for an Upgraded Version of Leadership
  • Learning Together – Building High Performance Life
  • How Learning Works – Life’s Transitions, An Alignment – Discovering Balance in Life
  • An Insight – An Accelerated Learning – Personal Life Plan /Design – Life purpose/potential life’s clarification



  • Learning Together – Building High Performance Individuals
  • Instructional Methods – The Power of Body-Mind & Intellect
  • Competency Based Learning –Life Style Regimes (Eating Habits, Nutritional Advice, Basic Yoga Postures)
  • How to Sequence – Methods of Relaxation – Balancing Work and Family
  • Balance Training Body & Mind
  • How to Present – Self-Care Skills – Toleration/Increased Confidence – Life Simplification
  • How to build an Equilibrium – Life Makeover -Character Development/Strengths & Passion Identification
  • Using Examples – Acceptance of Self /Events/Acceptance of Others
  • Adventure Repetition – Defining Stress/Problems/Depression/Worries
  • Monitor Progress -Motivation/Inspiration – (Internally & External Resources)
  • Decrease Retention – Stress Reduction – Blocks/Limits Removal



  • Processing Information -Managing your Emotions at Work
  • Materials Needed – Increase Self Awareness – Stronger Boundaries/Higher Standards
  • Tools for Learning Life Style Regimes – Standard Yoga Postures , Appropriate Exercise Routine
  • Prepare for Delivery – Identifying the Leader in Your Leadership
  • Boosting Effectiveness – Set Goal – Get Goal
  • Master the Art Delivery Balancing High Performance Life + Building High Performance Individual + Evolving High Performance Organisations
  • Cognitive Model for RESULTS – Increase Productivity, Efficiency Building



  • Control Race and Pace
  • Body Language
  • Verbal Communication
  • Increase Participation
  • How to Coach
  • Systematic Feedback
  • End of Course Coverage

Workshop Includes:


  • Management Activities & Interactive Games
  • Yoga and Energy Pressure Points Exercises
  • EFT (Western & Indian )
  • ONE to ONE / Group Counseling
  • Art & Movement Therapy (Stress & Depression Mgmt Activities)

Who can attend?


  1. Executive Coaches: Professionals who is bidding to expand and reinforce their leadership and executive coaching practice. In particular: Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, Practitioners, Psychologist, Counsellors, Social Workers, Yoga Teachers and Instructors
  2. Internal Coaches: Professionals who wish to further advance in their coaching skills in order to influence performances and growth within their organisation. In particular: Training Leads, Coaching Leads and Supervisors
  3. Leaders Coaching Leaders: Senior Managers who pursue to implement competencies to effectively coach their teams and looking for a transformation with duality into a coaching role. In particular: Managers, Training Managers and HR Directors



The Investment required for the complete program is 2,895 EUR by person. More detailed information are available by requesting them at info@circleleadership.com