CL – Fifth Dimensional

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“Our courses are not courses.
WE Circle Leadership share, promote and widespread unforgettable evolutionary Life Experiences for supporting YOU to discover your REAL SELF. Simply call them EXPERIENCES.”

Circle Leadership is leading a scientific approach,

Fifth Dimensional is an Alchemy, it can Transforms your Centre and generates The You-Design.

It creates, the Pace and Congruence between You and Your Potential Appeal…

Introducing our distinctiveness towards Life Dimensions and Quantum Life-Style Model. Refracting the multifaceted approach with a Signature Module for “Life-Leadership-Health Transcendental Transformations”. Bridging Western disciplines with Eastern philosophies.

It begins the process here, this unique package is to pave roads to create your Belongingness, Mindfulness, Yogic Yoga, Wellness & Well-Being reconnect into the time with holistic diversity

“A Neuroscience Experience and the Geo-Bio Acumen towards the  Structuring of Elegant Leaders”

Our global augmentation is to organize ‘A Collective Connect and Balance’, involving and imbibing North-South-East-West cultures by making larger space of transformation with Retreats/ Workshops/One to One, through Holistic Discovery.



The focus of our Signature Retreat Programs is towards an Alignment of Life-Health-Success-Failure-Joy-Fame & Happiness Equilibrium.


  1. Introduction to Life & Leadership Circles
  2. The Science of Self
  3. The 7 Mystic Yoga’s Balance
  4. Fractal Consciousness-Feminine & Masculine Dynamics
  5. Health Succession Frequency (HSF)
  6. Polarity Consciousness – 5:5:7 States
  7. Yogic Movements & Postures
  8. Decoding Energy-Interpretation of Reliability
  9. Mindfulness Frequency
  10. Quantum Leap – Ancient Secrets
  11. Yogic EFT- Magical, Powerful Living
  12. Spiral Energy Reprocess


  • Purpose & Purposefulness
  • Empower Health, Wealth, Finances & Relationships
  • Aging Discoveries
  • Evolve Calmness
  • Diet & Sleep Balance
  • Strengthen Inner Forces
  • Stimulates Restfulness
  • Neutralize Work Lifecycle
  • Balance Wealth & Fame
  • Being States of Happiness
  • Work-Life- Family Balance

Who Can Attend? Decision-Making Authorities and Autonomies

Designed for CEO’s, Directors, Political Leaders, Athletes, Artists, Sports Personalities, Actors, Celebrities, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs along with their Spouse or their Children (Age above 15+ & Entry along for One Person).

The Takeaways

  • Provide Time
  • Gives the Sense of Belongingness
  • Developing Space to Sprout Your Key Potentials
  • Incite the Elegance of Your Emotions
  • Capitalise Your Kernel
  • Discover the Infinite Possibilities.

3 – 5 -7 Days Signature Retreats / Holistic Workshops

  • One to One /Group Coaching
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Energy Balancing Sessions
  • Health Gravity Sessions
  • Meditations/Actions
  • Yogic Emotional Freedom Techniques (YEFT)
  • Kalari Movement & Frequency Sequences (KMFS)
  • Energy Point Activations
  • One to One Counseling
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment