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“We have created this amazing PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE for  YOU  who want to start a new professional and personal life coming back to the real deepest YOU and letting go all the negative things of Your Life.” 

Do you know that what you reached till now in your life is nothing in comparison of what you will obtain in the future if you come back to your deep real entity?



is the LIFE EXPERIENCE for You that you want a real life full of deep meaning!

Learn how to let emerge  Your Healthy Circle Leader!

No matter who You are now.

No matter how much success you reached till now.

Come back NOW to Your Real Self choosing to live a new generative Life FROM NOW!

This EXPERIENCE is the TOP LEVEL PROGRAM proposed by Circle




Because  the program is realized by the specific needs of the partecipants. We will cover all the points that WE will indicate You, but the order and the deep analysis level will be driven by the Group inside a real social activity.  YOU ARE AT THE CENTRE. Moreover new bonus arguments will be introduced during this  unique EXPERIENCE.




For many reasons:

  • the participation is NOT open to everybody. There is a selection process to be attended. In particular for being admitted there is a SKYPE session (usually two hours time) where Mr. Parrinello Alessandro and/or Mr. Ashok Narayanan verifiy the real motivation and interest in partecipating at OUR program. After this first personal Skype Session there will be another SKYPE session (or a personal appointment) with the partecipation of the person you required to bring with You in this experience (if there is any – Read following).
  • Why do we require You to attend this selection process? Because OUR program is completely different from others that You can find in the market. WE are only interested in working with high motivated human entities focused on changing their life in a real way instead of having «general» partecipants This approach grants to all partecipants about the real willing of the personal evolution by each single member of the Group
  • this EXPERIENCE is run in Top Level Locations far from the modern world, but at the same time capable to give all comfortable elements that our modern life grant us. WE change location everytime in order to grant the best experience to all partecipants  preferring GREEN or BLUE exclusive locations. For US AN EXPERIENCE IS A UNIQUE ONE which can’t be duplicated;
  • WE run this experience only twice a year with a limited number of person.;
  • Mr. Alessandro Parrinello and Mr. Ashok Narayanan are always presents and they will run the course personally. No other trainers are involved in order to assure the maximum quality of Your EXPERIENCE.




Because  WE and YOU work on the deep YOU.

  • Focusing Multi-Directional Thinking: Approach on root causes instead of symptoms
  • Mediating the Discovery of Inner Spirit: Gaining and Maintaining the trust on ‘Self’
  • Seek Opportunities – Perform every ‘Act Large’: Exploring Calculated Risk,Ideas and broadening the understandings of  different Leadership Styles
  • Expansion of the highest level of Self-Actualization: Developing a compelling ‘Vision’,  ‘Self  Respect’ and a desire to ‘Serve’ all entities across globe
  • Operating Complete Integrity: As a Next-Generation Healthy Leader – he/she is responsible to accelerate personal and professional Well-Being tremendously
  • Awakening a Latent Motivational Goals: Creating vision and value congruence across with Success strategies at team levels and individual levels that  increases satisfaction and productivity at personal and professional level
  • Focusing  on Motivation: Integrating path-goals, transactions and transformations with a deep sense of transparency and confidence
  • Leverage  New Sense of Purpose and Belonging: Pursue future efficiency through unlearning and  relearning of innovative strategies for individual and professional growth with ‘Complete Balance’
  • Prioritize Values & Harness Uncertainty: Build a motivation model   -“The Organizational Effectiveness of Loyalty and Productivity”
  • Define  and Adapt Change :  Be the change factor,Be the start factor
  • Foster Passion: Be the ‘Inspirer’ more than  Being an ‘Instructor’
  • 360° Self-Awareness and Spontaneity: Stand up for what you think is right; have the courage of self convictions
  • Resist the urge to Micro-Manage: Drive Initiatives, Innovations and Implementations
  • Master the Art of Listening Skills & Effective Speech: Avoid Public Criticism or Condemnation
  • Develop a logical and orderly Thought Process : Practice objectives and positive approach towards situation, Maximize Results
  • Embrace  Family: Devote your time and energy to care about unity each and every day as a continues process and not  to compromise as a day’s event
  • Adaptability and  Harness Technology : Update and Use technology with and along changes
  • ParticipantsMaximum 8 (+ 8) which means: each of the 8 partecipants can bring FREE another person among: his/her spouse or son or daughter or mum or dad or friend. These partecipants can attend to the entire EXPERIENCE without any limitation
  • And more …

YOU, The Healthy Circle Leader of Your Life!

Duration: 5 days composed by

  • 4 full days of theory and practices
  • 1 day of  holistic retreat

Investment required: Please contact us at for more information and details.