Three questions to the Authors

Let’s go to discover a little bit more about “Circle Leadership – Rule Your World!”.

We made three questions to the Authors.

What is Circle Leadership about?

Alessandro:Well … Circle Leadership is about lots things. But in my opinion if I have to choose one among them I can affirm that our book is about ALL OF US. We want to promote who WE HUMAN truly are and how many personal resources and knowledges are at our disposal for building our serenity and our real success. We all have to remember that Knowledge makes Awareness. That is why it is foundamental to share our knowledges with the world around us. ”

Ashok:Circle Leadership is developed with simple logic’s with an ease and precise to match up with your today’s   life style. Packed very well to fit all sizes, a blend of History, Science, Physiology and Social Psychology along with Management directives all on a single platter served with complete research to rearrange your thoughts to electrify each individual’s potential inside out.”

What have you been inspired in writing “Circle Leadership – Rule Your World!”?

Alessandro: “I have been inspired by the observation of the real world around us. In the book it is named as “The World in Flames” where people have lost their right track to their serenity, happiness and the sane concept of success. Unfortunately the large part of people don’t know what to do and how to act in a wise way in this modern world. From this observation it emerged my desire to take action. Share my knowledges and experiences for contributing to create a better world where people can find a new positive sense of their life.”

Ashok:“Today it’s all about racing world, as authors we made a pit stop, so here we play a role of servicing and refuelling the missing links to your day to day real activities. All topics reveals straight roads to Success, it’s a complete road map to all readers which contributes very subtle combinations but very powerfully organised to make a shift along with an uplift.”

What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book?

Alessandro: “That’s a good question! Let me make one step back. “Circle Leadership – Rule Your World!” is a journey where readers are driven to lots new discoveries about them. This process of discovery is the same that Ashok and me made during our life and professional experiences! For sure the most important discovery is a strong confirmation at an esponential level: WE HUMAN are so amazing with all our unique characteristics. But there is another discovery that I made during the writing of the book and I love to underline. It was to discover how much beutiful and motivating is to work in a great heart connection with a great, unique and wonderful person: thanks Ashok!”

Ashok: “Now here with the birth of the book I personally realigned my character strength, every page and every word was a journey of self-discovery, which we have shared across all chapters. As my partner Alessandro and I come from different cultures, countries with identical professional backgrounds and same experience vigour, and here you will find influence and an East West blend which took years of learning, unlearning and relearning to reach this turning point. We learnt the art of sharing the resources, I got re-educated from him the lessons of simplicity, humbles, a foresight thinking in all aspects which a leader should possess and upgrade at every intervals of life, he was always clear with this idea: “A Leader is always a Process, always should and must be Dynamic in Nature”. I experienced this from him directly and indirectly. We both are also learning every day, every minute from others and at the same time from each other at every turns of life. I am gifted with a great leader like him along with my growth and development. I am lucky to have him, hope and wish each one of you who is reading this to find a best leader around you and in you to display your leadership qualities to create million more leaders and not followers in coming days.”.

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