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“Ciò che conosciamo di noi è solamente una parte, e forse piccolissima, di ciò che siamo a nostra insaputa.”

What we know about us is only a part, and perhaps a very small part, of what we (really) are without knowing it.

– Luigi Pirandello –

We introduce Circle Leadership, simplified ways towards Life Transformation, a worldwide organization specialized in LEADERSHIP and COACHING dedicated to worldwide groups, teams, organizations, countries, business leaders, sports, athletes, art, artists, elites and celebrities.

When you think to have reached your top, you need a personal and profound evolution unless you want to accept your decline as an unavoidable fact.

It is your time to TAKE ACTION!

“Scale up success is tough, but the real challenge is to maintain and let it flourish every day of your Life”.
– Alessandro Parrinello and Ashok Narayanan –

Circle Leadership is a new evolutionary discipline whose aim is to drive “Human” to reach and maintain their own SUCCESS living a professional and personal life full of meaning.

Circle Leadership is a discipline where emotional intelligence merges Eastern ancient traditions in an exclusive and unique way. Resources, knowledges, competencies, principles, values and visions are inspired by the life, studies, personal and professional experiences realized by the founders Mr. Alessandro Parrinello and Mr. Ashok Narayanan.

Our organization provide a wide range of Leadership experiences and learning opportunities in term of both personal and corporate development goals delivering coaching and trainings on a worldwide scale.

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About Circle Leadership

Circle Leadership is a worldwide  organization specialized in LEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS and BUSINESS & LIFE COACHING.

Our story began in 2014 when the two founders, Mr. Alessandro Parrinello and Mr. Ashok Narayanan, met in a business meeting in the EAU starting their friendship and collaboration. Really soon the long pleasant conversations (dozens!) about the “Real Meaning of Life” and the connections between Eastern and Western cultures have merged into the Circle Leadership’s discipline…

Founder | Author | Agile Leadership & Life and Business Strategist Coach | Speaker | Sports and Company Consultant

Ashok Narayanan – India
Director | Author | Agile Leadership-Life Strategist | Work Life Optimizer | Speaker & Well-Being Coach – Italy (HQ) – Netherlands

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